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Creating a unique Victorian golf experience through restoration and preservation


Help Support Foxburg Golf Course & Reach our Final Goal

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1887 Project In The News

1887 Project In The News

1887 Project In The News
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The incredible story of the USA's oldest golf course, Foxburg Country Club

The incredible story of the USA's oldest golf course, Foxburg Country Club

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Old Time Golf on a Historic Course

Old Time Golf on a Historic Course

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Destination PA: Foxburg Country Club, nation's oldest golf course

Destination PA: Foxburg Country Club, nation's oldest golf course

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The Vision

The 1887 Project is a historic golf course renovation initiative formed in 2021 by a group of committed volunteers known as The Foxburg Golf Preservation. The group’s main goal is to address the course needs and to preserve the historic, recreational, economic, health, social and environmental benefits of the oldest golf course in continuous operation in the United States.


Foxburg Country Club traces its rich history all the way back to Scotland’s St. Andrews and the world’s official Home of Golf. But, as a result of economic conditions, Foxburg has simply not been able to sustain consistent investment in the course’s historic Victorian design, its infrastructure, personnel, equipment or promotion.  


The Foxburg golf course was granted status by the Department of the Interior’s National Registry of Historic Places in 2007 and houses artifacts from the American Golf Museum. A revived, healthy golf course will preserve this national landmark, enhance the golf experience, expand regional opportunities and serve youth, veterans, and disabled golfers. 


The 1887 Project has retained Ron Forse of Forse Golf Design, a leading national golf course historian and architect to provide a master plan for a Foxburg golf revitalization.

Foxburg Country Club

We Need Your Help!

Golf has been played at Foxburg for the last 137 years. With your investment, the 1887 Project will be preserving an important piece of Victorian golf history and building a prosperous and sustainable future.

 Specific Funding Priorities – Calculated Estimates based on existing planning schedules.

The water irrigation system will include all new distribution lines, new sprinkler system, and booster pump to be controlled using a master control system.



Water Supply Restoration (Phase I) Project Estimate: $754,000

The complete restoration of the Water Supply System which is over 60 years old. This restoration will include the upgrading of 2 existing water wells, replacement of existingm water tanks and a new Well System Control Building and installation of additional features such as a backwash filter, water softener system.

Water Irrigation Distribution System Upgrade (Phase II) Project Estimate: $500,000


Course Restoration (Phase III) Project Estimate: $422,000

Phase III will include a restoration of all playing surfaces, where applicable and with special concern for our historic and original greens. Particular and unique Victorian era features will be added, such as steeple chase bunkers, “chocolate drop” mounds, and a
unique “donut bunker.” Greens profiles will remain original but may be expanded to original size as deemed necessary. Improvements will be made according to the Master Restoration and Improvement Plan. Trees will be removed and pruned in accordance
with the arborist master plan. Special emphasis will be placed on golfer safety, hinderance to playing surfaces and the health of all trees.


Maintenance Upgrades (Phase IV) Estimate: $350,000

Maintenance capability upgrades will be made to include modernizing equipment
inventory and a new facility.


The Foxburg Golf Preservation Endowment Fund Goal: $2,000,000

The FGP Endowment Fund will be set aside to ensure that the legacy of the Foxburg Golf Course and the Foxburg golf experience can be enjoyed by everyone for years to come. The Fund will be used for maintenance primarily, but will also subsidize programs to
benefit individuals with special needs, disabled veterans and youth programs.

Celebrate FCC's
137th Birthday


A small club house was built around the turn of the century in the grove of trees behind what at the time was the first hole.  In 1941 the club purchased the summer home of the Grange family, which was constructed in 1912, to use as the clubhouse.  The clubhouse has served the club since that purchase.

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